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Services that start with the business

and connect with the people

First, we listen…

to ensure a customized solution designed around

YOUR business,

YOUR people,

YOUR goals.


Allow us to ask the tough questions in order to help
you take your business where you want it to go.

  • Your people are your greatest and one of your most costly assets - do you have a strategy to connect your employees to your company's goals?

  • Are you satisfied with the time you are able to spend working on your company’s strategy, goals and people?

  • Do you have enough time to address the challenges of your human resource and finance areas like hiring, change management or communication?

  • Are your executive, finance and human resource teams well rounded and at their full potential?

If the answer to any of these questions is NO -

Let us bring our financial and human resource expertise to work with you and your team. We use proven financial and human resource strategies and a practical, tailored approach to close the gap to the success you are looking for!  

Our Services

People Plan Development

– a Strategic Plan that focuses on the connection to the People

Together we create and execute a plan to achieve the desired business outcomes

Executive Advice

We act as an Executive resource on strategy including the facilitation of strategic plans

We co-design and implement solutions to remove the barriers to success around specific strategy, finance or human resource challenges

We assist in the establishment of new finance and human resource departments or the re-engineering of existing finance and human resource departments

Financial and Human Resource Advice

We advise and coach Financial and HR Professionals in areas where they may lack experience or need to develop game-changing skills

Benefits of Working with Cavendish Vernal

Change your organization’s human resources from a cost center to an integrated strategic advantage

Enable you to work “on the business” while you are also working “in the business”

Complement your team with our expertise to close the gap to success

Bring an experienced external perspective to your company's financial or human resource functions

Take a great team to a sustainable next level

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